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est. 2003

I forgot.

About 6 years ago I joined twitter. I found an outlet for random ideas with a small constraint: 140 characters or less. And I abused the fuck out of it. So much so that I forgot that I had this little slice of web that nobody reads but me. I forgot that I hadn’t logged into this app for long enough that it blasted the original post abt this topic that I wrote 20 minutes ago. I forgot that I own this, and I can post whatever the fuck I want. I forgot how easy it was, and I forgot that one only becomes a better writer thru writing more.

I forgot.

I forgot all the hours I spent taking this blog from aspnetweblogs, to a personal instal of .Text, to an updated version of SubText, thru a few upgrades of same, on to this very Wordpress that you are reading now. I forgot abt using this blog as a test platform for my (now defunct) winforms project called postxing, meant for cross-posting blog posts that receive more traffic on a more publicized feed for geeky content.

Most importantly, I forgot that I do this for me, not for any “readers”. It’s easy to get caught up in what other, more read bloggers write and emulate what you think “works”. Nah fuck that. This thing is for me, not you. If you get something out of it, great. If not, great. But it’s not for you. It’s for me. And that’s what I forgot.