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GIT flow on windows 7 with msysgit

this is outlined on github by psampaio:

I managed to get git flow working with msysGit, but needed some hacks on my setup. First, I copied all the git* files to libexecgit-core. Then replaced shFlags like snaewe mentioned, but <install_dir> for me was also libexecgit-core.

Git flow complained about getopt. I got it from cygwin (package utils_linux*) and copied the getopt.exe to the bin folder. Also had to copy 4 more files from cygwin to the bin folder (cyggcc_s-1.dll, cygiconv-2.dll, cygintl-8.dll and cygwin1.dll).

Like I said in the beginning, this is a hacky solution but it did work for me.

I simply followed what they said and have gotten this working on a few windows 7 machines. I even took it a step further and created a couple of zip files of the dlls and scripts required: bin.zip and git-core.zip

To install these for mSysGit:

  1. copy bin.zip to C:Program FilesGit
  2. unzip bin.zip
  3. copy git-core.zip to C:Program FilesGitlibexec
  4. unzip git-core.zip


[it’s important that they are unzipped from the correct place, but you knew that :)]

and that’s all there is to it. you should now be able to go to a git repository on windows with mSysGit, type git flow init, and be presented with the git flow setup prompts.