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Using git flow with github for windows

I like github for windows. Seriously, they did a great job with it - kudos, Phil. I like that it has an updateable bash shell ala msysgit. I also like to use git-flow but alas, this isn’t included with the release. Here is how I got it installed on my system anyway:

First, I cloned the gitflow repository (using github for windows) then opened the shell there. The readme says there is a cmd script in the contrib folder called msysgit-install.cmd so I tried to use this but the script told me it couldn’t find getopt:



Fortunately, I have the other install of msysgit on my machine so I copied getopt.exe from C:Program FilesGitbin to that fancy path in the image above, along with some supporting dlls


After doing this, running msysgit-install.cmd copied over the necessary files, and I was able to cd to a repository with only master and develop branches and run git flow init.


Next step: a feature request to the github for windows team to ask for maybe including at least getopt if not git-flow in the next release?