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est. 2003

Running 1Password on Debian Linux

This is how I got 1Password for Windows v4.6.0.604 running on Debian Linux

The first thing I tried was just running the installer with wine at the terminal.

chris@Callisto:~/Downloads$ wine 1Password-
wine: Bad EXE format for Z:\home\chris\Downloads\1Password-

Well crap. what does that mean? Could the 1Password installer be 32bit, while my system is 64? Bingo. You won’t find that info on the official AgileBits walkthrough.

So instead of using the terminal, I turned to PlayOnLinux, which gives more options for installation.

I don’t know if this was a requirement, but I chose wine version 1.4.1 in PlayOnLinux, also the 32 bit installation. Browsed the 1Password. file and ran the installer like normal. It even accepted my license key.

Now I have a working 1Password installation on my Debian Linux machine