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est. 2003

Wheelers for a cause

Went to Texas Off Road Ranch in Huntsville with tx4wd to have a little fun run. The for a cause part was for 5th ward dogs so we brought dog food for $10 off the $30 admission. So, helped some animals and got to wheel a little bit to boot.

Probably the best part of Tx Off Road Ranch is the playground. You can tell someone has been out there quite a bit to make some fun sandstone obstacles. Plus, earlier in the day it wasn’t that hot. (I ended up getting so overheated that I quite literally almost passed out. So I burnt out early.)

Other than that, the park doesn’t have that much to offer. They seem to have 2 trail levels there: 2 wheel drive easy and fucking impossible. It’s the sandstone I think. On the only extreme trail they have there, all of the boulders look nice and stable, but try crawling up them and they shoot out from under your tires. No bueno.

After trying a couple of the harder trails we went back for lunch and bullshittin. I helped someone get their JKU back in 2H, having recently replaced my transfer case shifter cable with an Advanced Adapters cable shifter upgrade because of the same flimsy plastic clip issue they suffered. Since I’d just done the upgrade I had become quite familiar with the mechanics of how the stock system comes and why it’s a dumb design. I’m sure you could get away with buying the cheap plastic clips and replacing them for a while. The second one that broke on me caused me to go ahead and get the upgrade, personally.

Right before lunch, but after we got back from the trails to the camping area, I let Ethan sorry, Chris Jr. drive the Jeep for the first time. I was fairly nervous but I didn’t freak out, mainly because we would be going at very slow speeds in a vehicle that I have been building up for the past year and a half to be safe even in extreme conditions. I jacked the driver’s seat up as far as it would go, pulled it really far forward and told him, “Turn the ignition, and put her in Drive.”

Young Christopher did very well for his first try! Hell, he did better than a lot of people I took my driving test with so many years ago in Alief. I had to first explain very explicitly how to operate the pedals, and I guided him around the camp area for a couple of laps. He was outstanding at taking direction and focused very hard on doing exactly what I was telling him to do. He even got kudos from Brian. I appreciated that, like a lot.

Very proud dad, very hot day.